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Let's talk listing photos!

Spring is a time when many homes come on the market. As someone who is always browsing real estate listings, let me tell you, there is a HUGE variation in the quality of listing photos. I am amazed most often at the low quality of photos posted. Photos showing clutter, pets, or the reflection in the bathroom mirror of the person taking it.

Think about it. These photos are the first impression of your home to possibly hundreds of potential buyers. They ARE judging your home by the pictures they see. Don't scare away your customers, or undermine your asking price, by allowing the realtor to publish ugly listing photos.

Tips for capturing the best in your home:

Maximize light. Open the blinds and draw the curtains open to get the most natural light in your photos. Turn on interior lights to add even more brightness. Take photos in late morning or mid-afternoon light.

Clean the clutter. Remove heaping laundry hampers from view. Used bath towels should not be hanging in bathrooms. Keep toy bins looking organized. Empty your dish drains and remove it, and any other dishes, from the counter top. Piles of shoes should be put away and not visible in photos.

Keep Fido and Fluffy out of view. Everyone loves their pets, but everyone doesn't love YOUR pet. For many potential buyers, seeing evidence of a pet can equate to a dirtier or smelly home, a messy yard, allergens, or added wear on the surfaces.

Think neutral. It helps to replace your personal mementos, family photographs, and other personal touches with more generic alternatives. Take things, including magnets, off your fridge. Replace photographs of yourself with landscapes or abstracts. That hunting trophy or favorite collection of llama figurines isn't as special to someone else. In fact, they might think it's kind of creepy.

Below are some listing photos done well, and others that could be better. Yes, these are all real, published listing photos across a wide price range, from right at $100,000 up to over $500,000, and some of the "bad" photos are from the high end houses. See the difference?!

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